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Nottyboy Desensitizing Delay Spray for Men

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Don't give up!

It's way to finish the pleasure gap and then get the sex you deserve!

Composition : Lidocaine IP 10% w/w, Isopropyl Alcohol IP 10% w/w , Excipients & Propellant q.s. 100% w/w

Nottyboy Lidocaine Topical Spray is India's first and only non-burning delay spray, designed to help you last longer before reaching the finish line. Use our alcohol-free lidocaine spray to effectively improve your experience whenever necessary.

Nottyboy Delay Spray

Nottyboy Delay Spray

Keep your Focus on the Present.

Ignore the distractions and focus on the present. There will be no more thoughts of baseball or Grandma. As a result of using Delay Spray, you will be able to maintain your confidence up and enjoy better sex with your partner.

Why Nottyboy Delay Spray?

The majority of sprays are harsh on the skin and contain ingredients that are not suitable for sensitive skin. Climax Delay Spray is an outstanding product because it is good for the skin and tends to leave it soft and smooth.. The spray is small enough to fit on your nightstand and is extremely simple to use!

Safe and Effective


Quick response time

This spray contains fast-absorbing molecules that provide results in 10-15 minutes. Less time spent preparing, more time spent enjoying yourself!

Fast Action

Maintains your and your partner's happiness Enjoy a more varied and longer experience than usual!


Doesn't Cause burns or irritation

Many sprays are irritating to sensitive skin. Nottyboy Delay Spray is absolutely safe to use and induces no severe symptoms.

Zero Transference

Climax Delay Spray was chosen specifically because, unlike other topical products, it is absorbed by the skin, allowing for maximum efficacy without transferring to your partner. 

How to Apply:

It's simple. Hold the boxes 10 cm apart, with the spray button's arrow pointing towards the application area. To spray, press the button several times. Depending on the level of sensitivity desired, use 3 to 10 full sprays.

Warnings and Precautions

• It is best to avoid inhaling. Keep your gaze off of them.

• While the contents are under pressure, do not puncture or heat the container.

• Use no more than three one-second sprays at once.

• Temperatures above 50°C should be avoided.

• Keep a safe distance from a naked flame or incandescent material.


• Keep in cool, dry place.

• Shake well before use.

• Keep away from children

Nottyboy climax control Spray makes him last longer, allowing you to keep going and going and going... You understand:)

Nottyboy Delay Spray

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it effective? How?

A: Yes, it does! Nottyboy men's Delay Spray is a stamina enhancer that, when splashed on the penis, helps you last longer, giving you more control and allowing you to live in the present! It desensitises the nerves associated with sexual sensitivity while still allowing for an enjoyable sexual experience.

Q: How do I put it to use?

A: Delay spray can be used before or during erection. First, stand the bottle upright at a distance of 2" to 3" inches from the penis 5 to 15 minutes before sexual intercourse, and spray on the head and shaft of the penis 3 or more times, not more than 10 times (or follow the doctor’s instructions Use) .) If necessary, wipe with a soft damp cloth and wipe off the excess before sexual activity. After sex, wash off the product.

Q: How will this affect my relationship?

A: It will help minimize transference to your partner during sexual intercourse if used as directed, wiped off, and allowed to dry. Of course, you should consult with your sexual partner before using Nottyboy Delay Spray, and avoid using it if your partner is allergic (sensitive) to local anesthetics or any of the other listed ingredients. If your partner is pregnant, consult a doctor before using this product.

Q: Can I use this product if my partner trying to get pregnant?

A: You certainly can. However, because every body is different, we recommend speaking with your doctor before using this to conceive.

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