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Zerostat-VT Spacer

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Brand Name : Zerostat-VT Spacer
Manufactured by : Cipla Ltd.

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ZerostatVT TM spacer

ZerostatVT TM spacer is a unique static free transparent spacer with a valve mechanism which increases the drug fraction reaching the lungs. It is both a spacer (extends the space between the inhaler and the mouth) as well as a holding chamber (acts as a reservoir where the actuated aerosol cloud can be held prior to inhalation). It has all the features which a spacer should ideally have i.e. static free, transparent, flow gate valve, shape of an aerosol plume and volume 250-300ml.

Transparent ZerostatVT TM spacer is designed to provide visual confirmation that the dose is delivered. ZerostatVT TMspacer ensures that patient receives a high and consistent quantity of medication dose after dose. The time available for inhalation is prolonged by using polyamide, which is a static free material. Unidirectional flow from the holding chamber is achieved by using a one-way valve.

Added Features of ZerostatVT TM :

* Reduces ‘cold freon` effect
(A cold feeling in the throat as the propellant spray hits the back of the throat)
* Small, portable, easy to carry and child friendly
* Prevents the risk of dilution of dose
* Robust and durable
* Functional even at low insipriatory or expiratory flow rates

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