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Pirfenex : Pirfenidone 200 mg Tablet 30'S

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Brand Name : Pirfenex
Composition : Pirfenidone
Manufactured by : .Cipla Ltd.
Strength : 200 mg
Form : Tablet
Packing : Pack of 30 Tablets

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Pirfenex 200 mg  Pirfenidone Tablet

Pirfenex 200 mg uses

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a chronic lung disease that involves the buildup of scar tissue deep inside the lungs, between the air sacs. This condition occurs when that lung tissue becomes thick and stiff for unknown reasons. Over time, these changes can cause permanent scarring in the lungs, called fibrosis, that make it progressively more difficult to breathe.

Pirfenex is an Indian brand of Pirfenidone that is manufactured by one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies known as Cipla. It is used to treat idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).

How Pirfenex Pirfenidone 200mg Tablet Works

Pirfenidone, an active ingredient in Pirfenex 200, belongs to a class of medicines known as pyridones. It works by inhibiting the synthesis of TGF-beta, a chemical mediator that plays a key role in fibrosis. It also inhibits the synthesis of TNF-alpha, a cell-signaling molecule that promotes inflammation. Pirfenidone tablets can, therefore, delay the formation of scar tissue and slow the progression of IPF.

How to Take Pirfenex Tablets

The initial dose for adults is 200 mg, 3 times a day (600 mg/day), after a meal. After 2 weeks, gradually increase the dose by 200 mg at a time. It is desirable to maintain or achieve a final dose of 800 mg at a time (2,400 mg/day). Furthermore, appropriately increase or decrease the dose from time to time depending upon the symptoms.

Days 0–14: 600 mg/day (1 tablet of 200 mg every 8 hours)
Days 15–28: 1,200 mg/day (2 tablets of 200 mg every 8 hours)
Days 29–42: 1,800 mg/day(3 tablets of 200 mg every 8 hours)
Day 43 onwards: 2,400 mg/day (4 tablets of 200 mg every 8 hours)

Doses should be taken at the same times each day: in the morning, afternoon, and evening. It is important to follow the prescribed dose escalation. If multiple doses of medication are missed it may be necessary to restart at a lower dose. Make sure to speak with the prescribing physician prior to stopping or restarting this medicine. Swallow the tablets whole with a full glass of water. If you have trouble swallowing the tablets talk to your pharmacist. Before using Pirfenex 200, carefully read all the directions on the label and ask your doctor or pharmacist for help and clarification if you’re confused or unsure about how to properly take this IPF medication. This can prevent misunderstandings that could lead to accidentally doubling up on doses or using less than intended.

Pirfenex 200 mg Tablet Side Effects

• Decreased Appetite
• Nausea
• Indigestion
• Abdominal pain
• Headache
• Vomiting
• Joint pain
• Weight loss
• Yellowing of the skin or eyes
• Dizziness
• Difficulty swallowing or breathing

Warnings & Precautions

Top things you need to know during treatment with Pirfenex 200mg tablets.

Do not take this medicine if you are pregnant. It may affect your developing baby if you take it during pregnancy.
Avoid smoking while taking pirfenidone. Smoking could make the medicine less effective.
Do not drink grapefruit juice while taking it. Grapefruit may prevent this idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis drug from working properly.
Do not breast-feed if you are taking this IPF medicine. It is not known if it passes into breast milk. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking Pirfenex Pirfenidone, your doctor will discuss the risks and benefits of taking this medication while breastfeeding.
Give your health care team a complete list of all the medications you take. That includes all prescription medications, over-the-counter (non-prescription) drugs, and dietary supplements, such as vitamins or herbal supplements. Also, note if you’re allergic to any medications.
Do not give this medicine to a child or adolescents under the age of 18 years. Safety and effectiveness in children and adolescents younger than 18 years have not been established.
Avoid exposure to sunlight or tanning beds. Pirfenex tablets can make you sunburn more easily. Wear protective clothing and use sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) when you are outdoors.

How to Store Pirfenex Tablets

• Store Pirfenex (Cipla Pirfenidone 200 mg) at 25°C (77°F); excursions are permitted between 15°C and 30°C (59°F and 86°F).
• Store medications out of the reach or sight of children.
• Always keep it in its original container.
• Never take a pill that has changed color, texture, or odor, even if it has not expired.
• Do not store medicines in the refrigerator unless directed to do so.
• Keep it in a cool, dry, dark place to prevent damage from heat, light, air, or moisture.
• Do not store medicines in the bathroom, near the kitchen sink, or in other humid places. Do not leave it in the car for a long period of time.
• Don't leave the cotton plug in the medicine bottle. This can draw moisture into the container.
• Check the expiration date each time you take a drug. Replace any medications that are out of date.

How Much Does Pirfenex Tablet Price Per Pack?

The cost is around $45 for a supply of 30 Tablets.

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