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Virso : Sofosbuvir 400 mg Tablet 28'S

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Brand Name : Virso
International Trade Name : Sovaldi
Composition : Sofosbuvir
Manufactured by : Strides Arcolab Ltd.
Strength : 400 mg
Form : Tablets
Packing : Pack of 28 Tablets

Prescription Required *


Uses of Virso Sofosbuvir 400 Mg Tablet

It is used to treat chronic hepatitis C virus infection.

How Virso 400mg Tablet Works?

Virso 400mg Tablet contains sofosbuvir reduces the amount of hepatitis C virus in your body by inhibiting the enzyme NS5B Polymerase in HCV virus.

What is the dosage of Virso Sofosbuvir?

Take Virso 400mg Tablet according to your doctor's instructions for dosage and duration. Take the tablets whole and unbroken. The tablets should not be broken or chewed. It's best to take it with food. Do not alter or skip a dose.

Virso 400 mg Side Effects

Fever, chills, Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, Trouble sleeping, Rash, itchy skin, Loss of appetite, Muscle pain, joint pain, Chest pain, back pain, Dry skin, hair loss, Weight loss, Changes in mood, feeling agitated, Blurred vision.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is Virso(Sofosbuvir) a Protease Inhibitor?

A: No. Virso is an inhibitor of nucleotide polymerase.

Q. Is Virso Tablet effective in the treatment of hepatitis C?

A: Hepatitis C virus infection is treated with Virso Tablet. Virso Tablet (in combination with other medications) treatment response varies depending on baseline host and viral variables.

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