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Zerostat-V Spacer

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Brand Name : Zerostat-V Spacer
Manufactured by : Cipla Ltd.

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Brand Name Zerostat-V Spacer


Spacers (sometimes also called holding chambers) are devices that hold the medication for a few seconds after it has been released from the MDI. They serve two main purposes:

1. Overcome the need for synchronization between firing the aerosol and inhalation. This allows full benefit of the pMDI
2. Slow down the aerosol spray before it reaches the mouth, thus allowing the propellants to evaporate and larger particles to settle in the spacer. This leads to less deposition in the oropharynx and greater deposition in the lungs. Decreased oropharyngeal deposition is particularly important for inhaled steroid since this reduces the incidence of oral thrush and also the amount of drug that is swallowed. This may reduce any systemic side effect that may occur.

The Zerostat Spacer has been designed to help you obtain full benefit from the medicine released by your inhaler.

The Zerostat Spacer is a holding chamber into which the dose of the medication from your inhaler is released for inhalation. It helps to hold the aerosol for a few seconds to make it easier for you to inhale the medication.

The Zerostat Spacer also allows the medication to reach the lung with minimal deposition in the mouth or throat.

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