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Revolizer - Dry Powder Inhaler

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Brand Name : Revolizer
Manufactured by : Cipla Ltd.

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Revolizer TM is a novel DPI device, which is the result of a design and development programme to address the critical requirements of an ideal inhalation device. It provides accurate dosing and greater lung deposition even at low inspiratory flow rates combined with ease of use. It provides an improved respirable fraction while adding style and modern design to give patients a revolution in inhalation therapy.

Revolizer TM is an extremely simple device. The user has to open the device, insert the rotacap, shut the device and then inhale. Revolizer is used to open capsules containing powder. Revolizer can be used only with Cipla Rotacaps.

Features of the Revolizer TM :

* Does not require co-ordination between actuation and inhalation
* Easy and convenient to use
* Easy to teach, learn and remember how to use correctly
* Accurate, consistent, and effective at delivering medications to the lung even at low inspiratory flow rates
* Ready to use - it needs no priming or shaking
* Portable
* Gives patient feedback due to the taste of lactose in the mouth
* Robust
* Visually appealing to the patient

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