Five Reasons Why You Are Wasting Money on Medicines

Healthcare is a billion dollars industry and each year, it is getting more and more expensive. In the US, the yearly cost of healthcare services is more three trillion $US. The cost of specialty drugs is also skyrocketing every now and then.

In this scenario, your hard earned money going in veins may bring in the irritation and anger but all you can do is spend on the cost of medication, no matter what. Part of unnecessary spending on medication also includes extra costs of medicines and overpaying for prescriptions. And, if you’re still buying your medicine from a local pharmacy, then you may still be committing these mistakes.

Going for Brand Name Drugs When There is Generic Alternative Available

A branded drug will cost more in comparison to its generic counterparts. They both have the same composition, strength, quality, and effects. Also, insurance companies mostly refuse to pay for the branded drugs if its generic version is available.

So, a generic version of medicine will save you more than a branded one.

Look for Better Deals at Minimum Prices

Insured or not, people buying from a pharmacy often ignore the expenses of medicine. The reasons responsible can be the loyalty between the shopkeeper and customers or that extra discount you get while ordering in bulk. Although, there are many of those who will offer an added bonus of delivering you at the ease of your home. They will even offer you more discounts.

So, the advice will be to also look next door and save some more.

Not Trusting the Generic Drugs over Branded

As mentioned above, generic drugs are the same as the branded drug. It’s just that the branded drug cost more due to a high amount of investment in its research, manufacturing, and marketing.

So, you can trust the generic drugs over branded as they are authentic and cheaper.

Explore Your Options

One option can be the online pharmacies. Ordering your medicine online can also save you a great deal of your hard earned money and physical effort.

While buying medicines, we don’t bother ourselves enough to inquire about the cost of the medicines. Ordering your medicine in bulk from outside may give you some extra discounts, but ordering it online may save your boat. So, try ordering your medication online and see it for yourself the amount you save between from buying it offline and ordering it online.

When You Stop the Ongoing Treatment

When you are going through a medical treatment and as soon as you start to feel better, many of you stop the consumption of meds without consulting your doctor. The remaining medicines will become your unnecessary spending. They aren't able to fulfill their most important purpose, i.e. treating you.

But stopping that prescription without consultation of your doctor will have its own consequences. In many cases, they turned out to be fatal. Quitting your blood pressure meds, an antibiotic or as simple as the paracetamol may cause some serious disease in future like a heart disease, serious infection or a high fever giving you some extra bills and expenses that would have been avoided.

So, don’t waste your time, money, and that prescribed medication.

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