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Colstim 300mcg Prefilled Syringe

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Brand Name : Colstim 300mcg Prefilled Syringe
Composition : Filgrastim (300mcg)
Manufactured By : Zydus Cadila
Form : packet
Packing : 1 Prefilled Syringe in 1 packet

Prescription Required *

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Colstim 300mcg Prefilled Syringe Description:

Colstim 300mcg Prefilled Syringe is a growth factor that stimulates the bone marrow to produce white blood cells. These cells protect the body against infections. nnnn.


Colstim 300mcg Prefilled Syringe is used to prevent infections after chemotherapy.

Side Effects:

Bone pain, Weakness, Headache, Rash, Nausea, Increased lactate dehydrogenase level in blood, Vomiting, Increased uric acid level in blood, Oropharyngeal pain, Hair loss, Fatigue, Diarrhoea, Constipation, Decreased appetite, Cough, Breathing difficulty.


Your doctor or nurse will use this device to give medicine. You or your care giver may be taught on how to use this device at home.


Is Colstim safe?
Colstim is safe if used at prescribed doses for the prescribed duration as advised by your doctor

What is Colstim/Colstim neuopagen?
Neupogen is the brand name of Colstim. Colstim belongs to class of medication called as colony-stimulating factors

How does it work?
They act by stimulating the bone marrow (organ in the body where blood cells are produced) to increase the production of specific types of blood cells called neutrophils that help fight infections

What are the uses of Colstim?
Colstim is used during cancer treatment (chemotherapy), bone marrow transplantation, severe chronic neutropenia (low number of a type of white blood cells called neutrophils), neutropenia in patients with HIV infection, and before stem cell donation

Is Colstim a steroid/antibiotic?
No, Colstim belongs to class of medication called as colony-stimulating factors

Is Colstim FDA approved?
Yes, it has been approved by FDA for used during cancer treatment (chemotherapy), bone mar

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