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NottyBoy – Nirvana Combo Pack

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Texture : Medicated (with Benzocaine), Multi Textured (3 in 1), Super Thin
Lubricated : Yes
Material : Natural Rubber Latex
Disposable Bags : Included, 30
Package : 3 Packs (1 x OverTime, 1 x Multi Textured (3 in 1), 1 x Super Thin) of 10 Condoms each
Size : Length 180mm (min) | Width 53 ± 2mm
Type : Condoms for Men


NottyBoy loves it when you like to get naughty under the sheets or in the kitchen or over the dining table and everywhere else. Our nirvana combo will make sure that you don’t let go of your love, lust and bust. The slimmer affair of the ‘KinkyWinky’ along with more than extra dots of the ‘SexOmetry’ will build some highly bonding chemistry. And our ‘OverTime’ will make sure to delay your extreme ending a bit more than further.

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