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NottyBoy DingDong – Green Apple Flavor condom (30s)

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Flavour : Green Apple
Texture : Dotted
Lubricated : Yes
Material : Natural Rubber Latex
Disposable Bags : Included, 30
Package : 3 Packs of 10 Condoms each
Size : Length 180mm (min) | Width 53 ± 2mm
Type : Condoms for men


NottyBoy DingDong® Green Apple Flavored Dotted Condom

NottyBoy condoms will add an extra pinch of fun to your hazy life.

Our DingDong Green Apple flavoured condoms are designed for you to experience the unique smell and taste of apple that will take your journey further on the road filled with pleasures. The dotted texture along with that amazing flavor will make her feel too good about choosing you. All the men out there, it’s the best male accessory out there in the market of pleasure.

So, go and taste the apple of Notty Boy’s Ding Dong flavoured condoms where you would love to indulge in the acts that are intensely desirable and passionately arousing. It is going to be an affair filled with all your desired temptations.

It’s time to do some DingDong all night long. The flavor will give you all the fervour that will lead you to a never-ending affair of lovemaking and it will be more than enough to cause a needed chaos involving the actions that are purely desirable and consensual. With NottyBoy Flavoured Condoms for men, pleasure is quite a popular affair.

You can order NottyBoy condoms from all major E-commerce online portals with an additional option of discrete packaging which will also preserve your naughtiness and make sure that you don’t lose your high-end respect in the eyes of your culturally bound parents. Wear the tag of our naughtiness and we believe that you’re definitely going to recommend it for the further use.

Buy NottyBoy premium male condoms made from fine quality latex material, which will give you an amazing feeling during those intense acts and won’t break down diminishing your hope.

It’s a world filled with naughty guns and NottyBoy is the epitome of that naughtiness. So, now you know All She Wants is a Nottyboy?

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