Why Russia Has a High Demand of Hepatitis C Drugs and How India can help it?

Hepatitis C Treatment Drugs in Russia

Indian generic drugs have always been known to be in demand due to their great quality and low prices. With increasing healthcare market, the demand is supposed to go higher, especially those of specialty drugs. Diseases like cancer, HIV, HCV have affected the major part of humanity. If we talk about HCV, then countries like Vietnam, Romania, and Russia have been known among the nations where it has become the major health concern.

Just like Vietnam and Romania, Russia’s healthcare market is also in dooms and expensive medication is among the main reasons. If we cut the chase, then Hepatitis C has been responsible for causing serious health problems in the country.

Russia is suffering!

The rate of hepatitis C virus (HCV) in Russia has always been high, and it has posed a bigger threat to the population of the country. With respect to the national public health, access to treatment of hepatitis C in the country still remains to be limited to the higher course of the country's population. The government has acknowledged Hepatitis C as a huge threat to the people of Russia and the human society but due to minimal funding for research programmes along with expensive medication.

Stepping Up

Looking at the condition of the people of Russia and the limited resources of apt medication, the Russian government did sign a pact in the past with the drug giant CIPLA to help with HIV and HCV drugs. A memorandum was inked in 2016 where the Russian government vowed to invest 2.8 billion Roubles.

In recent years, apart from Cipla, other Indian pharmaceutical companies came with their own version of generic hepatitis medication like Hepcinat PLUS, MyHep, Ledifos, Hepcinat, Velpanat, Hepcinat LP, Natdac, MyHep ALL, Sofocure, Velasof, MyHep DVIR, Novisof L and many more. With the recent availability of these HCV drugs, more Russian patients are buying medications from India.

Need of the hour?

Generic drugs are the most important affair looking at the current state of the world and their problems with expensive medication. The world lies with the problem and countries like China and Russia still lags behind International standard with respect to manufacturing generic medicines. And side-effects are a common result.

In the current situation, a country like India has turned out to be a greater help in the prospect of manufacturing specialty drugs and generic medicines. Other than serving its own people, health care and drugs are also exported all over the world in order to provide a healthy lifestyle for each and everyone.

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