Ves-ATRA : Tretinoin 10 mg Capsules


Brand Name : Ves-ATRA
Composition : All Trans Retinoic Acid (Tretinoin)
Manufactured by : Royal Medical Private Limited (RMPL)
Strength : 10 mg
Form : Capsules
Packing : Pack of 100 Capsules

Prescription Required *


Imbruvica : Ibrutinib 140 mg Capsules


Brand Name : Imbruvica
Composition : Ibrutinib
Manufactured by : Janssen Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Strength : 140 mg
Form : Capsules
Packing : Pack of 90 Capsules

Prescription Required *


Velcade : Bortezomib 1 mg Injection


Brand Name : Velcade
Composition : Bortezomib
Manufactured by : Janssen Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Strength : 1 mg
Form : Injection
Packing : Pack of 1 Vial

Prescription Required *


Zytiga : Abiraterone 250 mg Tablets 120'S


Brand Name : Zytiga
Composition : Abiraterone Acetate
Manufactured by : Janssen Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Strength : 250 mg
Form : Tablets
Packing : Pack of 120 Tablets

Prescription Required *

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