World Hepatitis Day 2018 : Eliminate Hepatitis

Quick Facts You Need To Know About Hepatitis Virus Infection

World Hepatitis Day is celebrated on July 28 globally and the mission is designed upon ‘Finding The Missing Millions’ this year. Around 300 million people are living with Hepatitis unknowingly. Without proper diagnosis for these missing millions, we are missing on a large section of world’s population. World Hepatitis Day calls people on stage to help spread the awareness about Hepatitis through different awareness programmes.

What is Hepatitis?

Hepatitis is a virus that infects the body and causes inflammation of liver. It is often caused by viral infection and they cause discomfort to the body. From mild fever and fatigue to liver cancer, it varies in strength. Of all the types of Hepatitis Virus, chronic Hepatitis C is the most dangerous one and can even lead to death of the infected person.

Types of Hepatitis:

 •  Hepatitis A is acute disease that may affect liver but is self-limiting. This virus can be healed with a proper rest within a few months. This is more severe in adults than children.

 •  Hepatitis B, C and D are the most infectious chronic diseases. In Hepatitis B, there is 85% recovery rate, whereas in 15%, it develops into cirrhosis and/or liver disease.

 •  In Hepatitis C, in 85% cases, it leads to chronic diseases like liver cancer.

 •  Hepatitis D is rarer kind but has adverse effects. It is an evolved version of Hepatitis B and a combination of the two is very dangerous for a person to survive.

 •  Hepatitis E is found mostly in pregnant women, it is also an acute disease which could be diagnosed with proper treatment.

Who organizes World Hepatitis Day?

World Hepatitis Day was launched by World Hepatitis Alliance in 2008. It was focused with the theme of spreading awareness after careful observation of increase in numbers of Hepatitis victims and low level of awareness amongst masses. Around 290 million people are still living in a shell of not knowing about the disease that they have adopted. This day is focused to launch awareness programmes each year to Eliminate Hepatitis from the world.

How do we celebrate World Hepatitis Day?

More people are coming together each year to put a stop on this life-threatening disease. In 2017, the theme was to ‘Show your face to eliminate Hepatitis’ and it gained tremendous success. In 2018, the day comes up with a challenge to ‘Find The Missing Millions’.

People participate in this drive to organize campaigns in schools, colleges, hospitals and public institutions. Government rallies with posters are organized to initiate it in more remote places and countries which are still unaware about it.

Free medical screening is launched by government bodies to understand the still unknown statistics for Hepatitis Virus globally.

You can also participate in this drive, after all awareness starts at home; bring your family and friends together for screening and awareness programmes.

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