If You Have Bladder Cancer, Pee On It

5 Things to Know About Bladder Cancer

What is Bladder Cancer?

Bladder Cancer is caused due to the multiplication of cells in the urinary bladder that start to grow uncontrollably. The more these cells develop, the more they tend to form a tumor and it gradually spreads to other parts of the body.

The bladder is a hollow and flexible organ in the pelvis and its function is to store urine before it leaves the body. Urine that is made by the kidneys is carried to the bladder and then the body functions to pee. While peeing, the bladder muscles contract and it is ejected from the body.

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World Hepatitis Day 2018 : Eliminate Hepatitis

Quick Facts You Need To Know About Hepatitis Virus Infection

World Hepatitis Day is celebrated on July 28 globally and the mission is designed upon ‘Finding The Missing Millions’ this year. Around 300 million people are living with Hepatitis unknowingly. Without proper diagnosis for these missing millions, we are missing on a large section of world’s population. World Hepatitis Day calls people on stage to help spread the awareness about Hepatitis through different awareness programmes.

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Do you know the digital dangers of purchasing medicines online?

Buy Medicines Online

For those who don’t know, there is an active and robust transnational criminal trade in counterfeit medicines that affects patients from the poorest to the richest countries. Though the precise impact from this health crime is hard to discover, seizures of counterfeit medicines by regulatory, customs and law enforcements officials take place all over the world.

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