Fighting Hepatitis C - Treatment & More!


Hepatitis C – The disease found worldwide is among the leading cause of deaths around the world. The condition is caused when a person gets infected with the hepatitis c virus (HCV). It causes inflammation in the liver as a result of a severe infection. 

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Types of Headaches That You Should Never Ignore

Types of Headache

Types of Headaches You Should Know About

You must have heard yourself or a friend cribbing over headache. More often, swallowing a pill is the solution. But, are aware about the type of headache you have? Yes, there are many types that can trigger your headache. They are more complicated than you think and they come with different symptoms and affects in an individual’s body. 

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Can Asthma Be Cured Completely?

Asthma Treatment Drugs

Asthma can be diagnosed with a proper treatment. You may have asthma for long period of time but you can maintain a healthy balance of life with all your activities.

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that is caused due to inflammation of airways. Inflammation narrows the path for airways and becomes sensitive to breath. Asthma can cause chest tightness, difficulty in breathing. It often occurs during the night or early in the morning.

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