Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Go Pink

Breast Cancer Awareness Month<

Breast Cancer is the problem which needs to be addressed every now and then. Over years, the illness has become a bigger concern for our women and we need to take some serious steps to make people aware of the bigger picture.

The unwanted lump needs to be removed soon or the poison will affect our whole humanity around the world. If we try to know more, then the causes of breast cancer are still unknown and it will take some more time to understand the scene properly and proportionately. Since it’s the month of spreading Breast Cancer Awareness, let’s learn about cancer affecting millions every year.

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Blood Cancer : Don't Let The Stains Give You Fear

Blood Cancer, it’s the word that most of us don’t ever want to listen during our lifetime. It’s not just the disease but a life-threatening illness that turns life into a disaster. September is the blood cancer awareness month and at this very moment, let us all rise to the occasion and stand against blood cancer and beat it before it takes more lives.

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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – Fight the Cause...

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


Cancer is a life-threatening situation and it not just the adults but it has also been the leading cause of deaths among children below 15 in the United States. At present, child cancer is a bigger problem and if you think that it’s not overwhelming enough, then you need to know that every day at least 43 families in America hear about their child being diagnosed with cancer.

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