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Black Friday Offers on Medicines

Offer Valid Till 30th November 2018

It’s that time of the year when everyone suffers from the fever of shopping. The winter is arriving soon and so is November 23, 2018. Yes, the Black Friday is on the cards as people get ready to unleash their shopping animal to explore the handy shopping world on the crazy day of Black Friday.

It will be all about lower than ever prices, hefty discounts and deal of the day on your favourite shopping bonanza. Whether it is your regular household stuff, apparels or something of your use, Black Friday will offer you deals on everything (Only if you’re lucky enough to grab that favourite thing of yours with your bare hands).

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Stomach Cancer Awareness Month - Let's find hope!

Stomach Cancer Awareness Month

It’s time to acknowledge the fact that our tummy does a lot of hard work and we don’t appreciate it enough. We don’t do much or take its ardent care. Obesity, infection, food poisoning are some of the consequences, but the most deadly of them is Stomach Cancer.

November is the Stomach cancer awareness month and all we have to do is to spread awareness because it will save lives.

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Bladder Health Month – You Need to Take Care of Your Bladder…

It’s the bladder health month and also the time to realise that your bladder is also important. Most of us don’t give thoughts towards our bladder health but we should be!

Just like Vietnam and Romania, Russia’s healthcare market is also in dooms and expensive medication is among the main reasons. If we cut the chase, then Hepatitis C has been responsible for causing serious health problems in the country.

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