World Ovarian Cancer Day: One Voice For Every Woman

Ovarian Cancer Day

Annually on the 8th May, it is World Ovarian Cancer Day (WOCD). The mission of the National Ovarian Cancer day (NOCD) is to save lives by fighting tirelessly to prevent ovarian cancer, and to improve the quality of life for survivors.

Every year about quarter of a million women around the world are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and 140,000 women die of it, making it the cancer for women with the lowest survival rate. Due to a widespread lack of awareness and the unavailability of high cost medicines, many cases of Ovarian Cancer are diagnosed late, leading to ‘poor outcomes’. The purpose of WOCD is to address this problem and to educate women and their communities about the risks, symptoms and screening of ovarian cancer. On this day, Drugssquare Online Pharmacy pay their attention to raise awareness about the Ovarian Cancer and helps those patients (via medicines) which are suffering from such life threatening disease.

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is a disease in which depending on the type and stage of the disease, malignant (cancerous) cells are found inside, near, or on the outer layer of the ovaries. As the cancer grows it may affect nearby organs such as the bladder and large bowel, causing frequent urination and constipation. Ovarian cancer shuts down immune system cells that would otherwise act as a first line of defense against the deadly tumor.

Key Facts : Everyone Should Know About Ovarian Cancer

Fact 1 All women are at risk for ovarian cancer.
Fact 2 Awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer may enable women to receive an earlier diagnosis, when the disease is more easily treatable.
Fact 3 Diagnosis at an early stage vastly improves a woman’s chance of survival.
Fact 4 Ovarian cancer is often diagnosed at a late stage.
Fact 5 Many women mistakenly believe a cervical smear test (or Pap test) will detect ovarian cancer.
Fact 6 A family history of ovarian cancer, a previous diagnosis of cancer, advanced age and never having been pregnant are risk factors which increase a woman's chance of developing ovarian cancer.

How Can We Help?

Founded in 2011, Drugssquare is a specialty mail order pharmacy with a strong and growing portfolio of specialized medicines focused on oncology and other critical care, which it markets predominantly in USA, UK, China, Russia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Australia, UAE, Canada, Cambodia, Japan, Tokiyo, Jordan, Philippines and other international market. Our endeavor is to ensure the availability of world class, quality ovarian cancer medicines at affordable prices, across the globe. We are committed to being the best in what we do, and to achieving the best possible outcome for our patients.

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