National Cancer Survivors Day - Honor a Cancer Survivor in Your Life

National Cancer Survivors Day

National Cancer Survivors Day is an annual, treasured Celebration of Life that is held in hundreds of communities nationwide, and around the world, on 4th June. This day provides an opportunity for all people living with a history of cancer to communicate with each other, celebrate milestones and recognize those who have been supporting them. It is also a day to draw attention to the ongoing challenge of cancer survivor-ship, with the aim of promoting more resources, research and survivor-friendly legislation to improve the quality of life of cancer survivors.

Why is it Important?

National Cancer Survivors Day helps everyone who has been impacted by cancer to feel loved, supported, and less alone. On this day, tens of thousands of people across the globe will gather in their local communities to honor cancer survivors and to celebrate life. This day sends a message to all those affected that life after a cancer diagnosis is still a life worth living. Whether you’re a cancer survivor, a family member or a friend, or a medical professional, this day is meant to respect you. The day also aims to be an inspiration for all those recently diagnosed, as it is possible to live an enjoyable life after a cancer diagnosis.

Many Ways to Support Someone with Cancer

If one of your friends has cancer, you may be wondering the best way to support him or her. Although each person with cancer is different, here are some general suggestions for showing support:

• Become the point person.
• Offer to help with daily tasks.
• Laugh together.
• Talk about topics other than cancer.
• Become a treatment "buddy."
• Stay positive.
• Give thoughtful gifts.
• Continue to offer support after the initial diagnosis.

As a trusted cancer medicines online supplier, Drugssquare want to send a message that whether you're a cancer survivor, a caregiver, or a supporter, we look forward to celebrating National Cancer Survivors Day with you on June 4, 2017! Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide. We believe that if all of us take just one step, we will change this situation far quicker than we can imagine. Working to raise awareness in every country starting now will result in strong protections for our next generation.

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